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Sunderland Home Care - Reducing Loneliness With Befriending Services

Everyone feels lonely occasionally; it is part of being human. But for some, this feeling is part of their everyday existence, and it can become overwhelming, leading to ill health and mental health issues. Befriending services as part of a Sunderland home care package can reduce this feeling and make a big difference to an individual’s life.

The world can seem a very lonely and frightening place, particularly for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Difficulties processing sensory information makes the very act of leaving the house alone difficult. This leads many individuals who don’t have anyone to support them to stop going out and to become increasingly isolated. The role of a befriender is to reverse this trend and to raise the individual’s self-esteem and confidence, aiding them in gaining fuller enjoyment in life. Befriending is a critical part of homecare North East, as it also helps individuals to improve their social skills, gain new experiences and become more independent. Befrienders can also be vital in allowing individuals to return to sports and leisure activities that they have been unable to experience by themselves. This one aspect of care at home Sunderland wide can open up a whole new world for some, and allow others to regain a world they thought was lost to them forever. The most important skill a befriender needs is empathy, an ability to see the world through the eyes of the client. And by doing this, they are able to see where support and care are needed to take away the fear and make the world a more approachable place.

If you know someone who could benefit from a befriending service, or you are interested in becoming a befriender, then choose My Homecare Ltd as care providers. All our Sunderland home care staff are carefully vetted and fully trained to ensure they give the best care and support possible. Visit to find out more.