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What our carers do – My Homecare carers, more than just a job

My Homecare Carers – More than just a job.

There is so much more to being a carer than just making the odd meal, helping our service users get dressed etc.

When possible we like to share what it is our carers do for your loved ones.

Pamper in the sun

While most of you were more than likely watching the soaps tonight myself and our carer Sue were having a nice chat with the lovely Elizabeth. The pair were sat outside enjoying the sunshine when I arrived. We sat chatting in the sun while Susan Parkin painted Elizabeth’s nails ready for her visit to a local day care tomorrow. Sue has many years of care experience and always gives her clients 100%, treating them like her own family. Sue has been caring for Elisabeth for almost a year now, when the pair aren’t outside enjoying the sunshine they enjoy playing board games and drawing together.
There is so much more to being a carer than just coming in and doing the necessary and our carers are a great example of this.

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